Teresa Wingar

December 13, 2019 - February 12, 2020



Although influenced by 18th century English Slipware, I embrace the possibilities of modern design, materials & colorants. Adapting the age-old technique of slip trailing to stoneware clay & with a steady hand I bring dimensionality to the surface of my work. The result is highly decorative yet functional pottery, which is a pleasure to use or display.

Pottery technique

Drawing her influences from 18th century English designs, Teresa uses a technique called “Slip trailing” to apply her intricate patterns. Each piece is hand thrown on the Potter’s Wheel. Once dried enough to handle, the pot is carefully trimmed, then decorated with clay slips, by first painting, then applying the slips using a fine nozzle, creating a slightly raised design. Mixing her own glaze & clay slips using natural oxides and under glazes, allows Teresa to produce her own signature colours and textures. She enjoys developing new patterns and experiments with modern ceramic materials, whilst still maintaining the new antique appearance of her pieces. Although highly decorative & collectable, her pottery is food safe & microwave and dishwasher proof.

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Upcoming Exhibits

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