Raymond Warren

February 14, 2020 - April 15, 2020(extended)


“To breathe life into a handful of clay is a delicate and mysterious process – one that ceramic sculptor Raymond Warren from Bois-Franc, north of Maniwaki, has been perfecting for over fifty years.
Each of his playful figures bears an opening into the hollow space within, that space where the soul of the artist breathes. In the glowing rounded bodies, in the gestural freedom of tiny hands and flying limbs you can hear the call of the clay as it speaks to him, and to us, of another time – a time when eternal images cradled the soul of the world in our daily lives.” Katherine Joyce


Wood-fired clay has an incomparable signature. Stoneware clay matures at high temperature (2300F) and that allows ashes, charged with various metallic oxides, flowing in the kiln during the firing process, to vaporize and to melt creating a characteristic natural glaze. The presence of flames and smoke contributes to the patina by modifying the level of oxygen in the kiln. But the flames also swirl around the sculptures and flow over interstices or masked areas creating highlights.

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