Yumiko Katsuya

August 15, 2019 - October 16, 2019


2 SENTENCE DESCRIPTION: “Crystalline Dream” is an embodiment of functional art in crystalline form. Every unique piece was lovingly created by Yumiko with the energy of peace and tranquility in mind.
Born in Tokyo, Japan, Yumiko Katsuya moved to Canada in 1970 and began creating her captivating works of ceramic art in the early 1980’s. She has a passion for creating functional pieces such as tea sets, vases and dishes including ones in a variety of other techniques and glazes. All have become renowned for their meditative quality, instilling fans of her work with a sense of peace, inspiration, and wonder. Drawn by its ethereal quality, Yumiko has more recently focused her efforts on further developing her use of crystalline glazes, as is showcased in her current exhibit: “Crystalline Dream”.
Yumiko’s works have won numerous awards in Canada and Japan, including the Fusion Design Award at the Ottawa Guild of Potters Juried Exhibition (Ottawa, Ontario), the Karen Latorre Award at the Toronto Potters Biennial Exhibition at the Gardiner Museum (Toronto, Ontario), and the Honorary Advisor’s Award at the Tokyo Ceramic Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan).

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