Gloucester Pottery School Workshops Handbuilding with Heather Smit

Handbuilding with Heather Smit

Open to beginners and up!

Soft-slab Handbuilt Forms

2 day hands-on with Heather Smit

June 16 & June 17, 2018 from 9:30am-4:30pm

$218 + HST

Code: WORKSHOP.405

(Clay and Firings NOT included. Clay is available to purchase in the studio for $44.25+HST a bag)

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***Due to limited space, refunds only if workshop is cancelled

Heather is recognized for her soft-slab hand built forms that are both sculptural and functional in design. Heather’s workshop and construction techniques will encourage participants to explore how sculptural form, function and simplicity can exist in everyday utilitarian wares.

Heather will guide participants through her soft slab construction process with demos and open discussion that will focus on form, function and the importance of making with intent. Forms will evolve from simple to complex through the course of the workshop. The workshop will cover basic tool & template design for making in multiples, including pouring and drinking vessels, handles and spouts. Skills learned in this hands-on workshop are easily translated to participants own current making practice.

•    Discussion/Demo: Basic template design for making in multiples (9:30-10)
•    Demo: Pitcher & Drinking vessels (10-11am)
•    Hands-on: Basic template making (11-11:45am)
•    Slab preparation for afternoon use (11:45-12)
12:00pm-12.45pm Lunch Break
•    Hands-on working time: Drinking vessels (12:45-3:40pm)
•    Demo: Nesting Servers (3:40-4pm)

4:00-4:30pm clean up.

•    Demo: Surface Decoration with underglaze inlay (9:30-9:45am)
•    Hands-On working time: Pitchers (9:45-12pm)
12:00pm-12:45pm Lunch Break
•    Demo: Nesting servers (12:45-1:10pm)
•    Hands-on working time with ongoing open discussion
•    Mini-demos as required throughout afternoon: Drinking vessels, pitchers & servers
4:00pm-4.30pm clean up.


  • Amount of clay needed: Approx. 1 bag each (plus small amount of slip)
  • Tool requirements: Basic hand building tools, knife, pin tool, scoring tool, pony roller, hard & soft rib, favourite texture, banding wheel if available.
  • Each participant will be provided with a take home tool and basic template kit based on the forms covered in the workshop demos.

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Register online by clicking "Register Now!" button above or by calling 613-580-2787