Artist Biography

 Lesley McInally

August 18 - October 18

Lesley McInally completed her Bachelor of Design Honours Degree in Ceramics and Printmaking at Dundee University, Scotland. Since arriving in Canada in 2004, Lesley developed her unique style of stretched slab hand built paperclay sculptures and vessels which contain a rich depth of surface texture. Incorporating her printmaking skills she has also developed a highly tactile surface using coloured porcelain slips, underglazes and a mono print technique. Lesley has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and grants and exhibits her work nationally and internationally.

Lesley McInally: artist statement.

“Orkney has been my passion and source of inspiration for vessel forms and sculpture for the last 5 years. This body of work examines the relationships between the natural land and ancient manmade structures, left to be transformed through time by the force of the elements and generations of human contact. What has become increasingly intriguing for me is the historical narrative encapsulated within and on these ancient monuments.”